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The Life and Times of Earl Dee Edwards - by Dr. Terry Edwards

Updated: May 13, 2021

My father has always been a leader. Even in his elementary school days (Sandstone, near Nevada, MO) he was a top student finishing eight grades in 6 years. In high school, while working 25 hours a week on his dad’s farm, he was an honor student, president of his senior class, and a recipient of a county-wide leadership award. During his college years at David Lipscomb University (Nashville, TN) he preached regularly, became a radio personality on a regular show on WNAH and WKDA, and assumed the role of student-body president in his senior year.

His “professional” life saw him at first assume a preaching ministry position in Wichita, KS (1956-1960). He began, then, a 16 year effort as a missionary in Palermo, Sicily and Florence, Italy. He acquired early on excellent Italian language skills, holding public debates and numerous church meetings throughout the country. He also served as Dean & Director of the Florence Bible School (1964-1976).

After returning to the States, he began his service on the Bible faculty of Freed-Hardeman University (Henderson, TN) in 1982. By 1990 he was appointed head of the department, which had begun a Graduate Program a few years before. From 1993 until his retirement in 2008 he dedicated his energies to strengthen and develop 3 different degree programs in Graduate Bible. This labor of love turned in to what a ranking agency recently called one of the top 20 best values among theological programs in the US.

In the coming months and years, the Edwards family will continue to share the life story of Earl Edwards and his academic works. Join us for more!

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